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International Companies

CIE NUNA (Switzerland)

Cie Nuna was founded in 2003 in Lausanne by Swiss-Korean choreographer YoungSoon Cho Jaquet. Its repertoire consists of 16 choreographic pieces and performances & 2 dance pieces for young audiences. In 2011, the company signed a 3 years support convention with the State of Vaud. In the same year, YoungSoon Cho Jaquet was awarded the Prix de la relève by the Fondation vaudoise pour la culture.


The company Equilibrio Dinamico was born in 2011 under the artistic direction of Roberta Ferrara and was created with the purpose of work and experimental research within the field of contemporary dance. Imposed shortly after upon the Italian stages it became guest to programs and festivals nationally and internationally (in particular the international festival Interdans -BE-) EDC, alongside the resident experimental project has hosted international choreographers such as; I.Perez, I.Ansa, M.Morau, A.Tudisco, Laccio, E. Schiavulli, A. Disanto, G.Montecasino.


Meraki Cia. is an emerging contemporary-urban dance company, located in Asturias, Spain, formed by dancers from different backgrounds and their aim is to find a common language to express with. As a company, Lucas Garcia, who came from bboying, and Paula Castañon, who came from hip hop and contemporary dance, try to develop and to investigate the exchange between these disciplines. Looking for the similarities, but never forgetting their own paths, they try to create their vocabulary.


 Momeuro Movement Lab is the creative group that initiated the activities under the slogan of heading to people. It aims to be a productive artistic activity that many people of contemporary life can appreciate and think about and is working as a collaborative method of sharing the ideas with various artists and presenting integrated results by escaping the existing work form filled with individual competence.

MOTUS (Italy)

MOTUS was founded by Simona Cieri, choreographer and dancer with a strong classical background, who subsequently studied in depth modern, jazz and contemporary dance. The Company, firstly named Duncaniando, begun the artistic activity in 1991 but in 1994, as the company quickly grew to be recognised as one of the most interesting young dance companies in Italy (confirmed by National Awards such as the Prize for Choreography 1994, in Spello) the Company was given the new name of MOTUS. Under this name, MOTUS tour extensively to all major theatres in Italy and abroad and by invitation to international festivals. From 2009 the MOTUS Company directs and organizes the Move Off International Festival.


Physical Momentum Project is the scenic platform for Francisco Cordova ́Azuela´s artistic identity.  The company, created in 2007, builds and projects its own identity based on the physicality and experiences of the dancistic and theatrical languages. In 2017 the company celebrates ten years of stage work exposing their work in international forums, meetings and festivals of theater and dance in countries like Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Rep, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Russia. It has been the recipient of various props fellowships and residencies in Europe and Latinoamerica. The company currently resides between Barcelona (Spain) and Mexico City.


FRANCISCO AZUELA, Artistic Director


francisco-cordova-foto-david-flores-rubio.jpgFrancisco Azuela is a Performer, Choreographer and Pedagogue in Movement Techniques Masters in Theater Studies and scenic direction at the Institut del Teatre, and has a Masters in Scenic Illuminatio in Barcelona, Spain. Francisco is the Director of the Physical Momentum Project Company and director of the training program Techniques of Movement in Mexico and Barcelona. Since 2006 he has been developing his methodological proposal Body-Action/Movement-Relation, which has been taught at several workshops in companies, festivals and artistic international centers in Europe and Latinonamérica. Considered by the press as one of the 7 new emerging artists and youngest talents as artistic director. He is currently he was ranked as one of the most representative dancers of the new Mexican dance. In his international career, he is considered as one of the youngest pioneers of the new trends and breakouts in trainings for stage performing. He has been a member of various companies and stage projects over 13 years.

ROBERTA FERRARA, Artistic Director


roberta-ferrara-artistic-director.jpgRoberta Ferrara is director and choreographer of Equilibrio Dinamico Company (EDC) and of the Ed Ensemble formative program, as well as the artistic director of the international contemporary project Experimental#FOCUS danza, supported in 2015 by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese/TPP. As a dance teacher and freelance choreographer she has been invited to workshops and choreographic laboratories throughout Italy. In 2011 she founded the EDC Company in Apulia driven by the desire to lead an active company with a contemporary repertoire of exclusive choreographies. Equilibrio Dinamico was the first Italian company to perform works created exclusively for it by international choreographers such as B.Uyttenhove, J.Pokorny, M.Kass, C.Bugnon, I.Kirov, and M.Blazquez. During the 2016/2017 season Roberta Ferrara will be Professor at the Contemporary Dance Department of the Ateneo della Danza – Dance University in Siena, led by artistic director Marco Batti.

YOUNGSOON CHO JAQUET, Artistic Director of CIE NUNA (Switzerland)

young soon cho jaquetBased in Lausanne Switzerland, YoungSoon Cho Jaquet was born in South Korea and studied dance in London. In her creations, she immerses the audience in a both uncanny and welcoming universe. She has created several choreographies in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and South Korea. Three elements help define her style: the involvement of the audience, the bridge between Asian and Western art, and a focus on memory and origins. A unique relation to material and sensations serves as a link between these three central themes. YoungSoon Cho Jaquet is associated artist 2008-2010 of the far° Festival des Arts Vivants/ Nyon. She has also received the Young Talent Award Vaudoise Foundation for Culture 2011 and Régionyon Award for Cultural Mediation 2011.

SIMONA CIERI, Artistic Director of MOTUS (Italy)

cieri-simona-2.jpgSimona Cieri started her artistic career in 1984 and has been awarded many prestigious commendations including the 1994 National Choreographic Prize (Spello, Italy), 2006 Prize Teatarfest (Sarajevo, BiH), and Official Praises of the President of the Italian Republic in 2009 and 2010. Since 1994, Simona is the director, choreographer & dancer at MOTUS. She has created a wide repertory of about 70 different works and her choreography is presented in main theatres and festivals, in Italy and abroad (USA, Singapore, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina). As choreographer & dancer, she has contributed to the works at other companies and artistes including Al Yamanouchi, Gianni Miglietta, Sabrina Cesaroni, Margherita Sergardi, Claudio Ascoli & Sissi Abbondanza.

Momeuro Movement Lab (South Korea)

KYUM AHN & GAYOUNG LEE, Co-Choreographers

Kyum AhnKyum Ahn graduated from Hanyang University and had co-founded Momeuro Movement Lab. He has performed extensively and had participated in numerous competition in China & Korea. “Between” was recently invited to perform in 2017 ODORU AKITA (Japan).


GayoungGayoung Lee graduated from Kook Min University and had co-founded Momeuro Movement Lab. She  has performed extensively and participated in numerous competitions in China & Korea. As a competition, she had gained recognition and awards which saw “Between” being invited to perform at Seoul International Choreography Festival (2016).

Meraki Cía (Spain)


LucasLucas García started with bboying and studied Contemporary Dance at Zig Zag Danza. As a performer, he has participated in Dana Raz Dance Projects and has taken classes in The Place (UK), Impulstanz (AT), Dock 11 (DE), La Caldera (ES) and Danza180(ES) with teachers such as Nicole Peisl, Frey Faust, Andrew Harwood, Nicola Monaco, Emma Portner, Carmen Werner, Salim Gauwloos, Yen Ching Lin and  Stephen Pelton.

PaulaPaula Castañón started with gymnastics and hip-hop. She studied at the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance, in Gijón and joined Dana Raz Dance Projects, where she has performed ManO and Wolves. She has been taking classes in The Place (UK), Impulstanz (AT), Dock 11(DE), La Caldera (ES), or Danza180(ES) and studied with teachers such as Nicole Peisl, Frey Faust, Andrew Harwood, Nicola Monaco, Emma Portner, Carmen Werner, Salim Gauwloos, Yen Ching Lin and Stephen Pelton. She has also taken classes with ballet masters, such as, Angel Corella, Cesc Gelabert, Viengsay Valdes.

Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore)

DR DANNY TANArtistic Director/Choreographer

DT Profile Picture-01A prominent and celebrated Singaporean dance ambassador, Danny Tan has forged strong alliances with many international organizations and artistes over the years, positioning unique Singaporean identity on the world dance map. As an educator, consultant, producer and choreographer, Danny has received accolades for his sustainable dance education programmes and initiatives since 1994. A well-known dance practitioner and producer with remarkable milestones in dance making and production, he is highly commended by international press and media, government officials and dignitaries. Danny’s commissioned works by corporate organizations, statutory and educational institutions have graced theatres and festivals across Asia, Australia and Europe. He has directed and produced more than 100 mainhouse seasons and 20 editions of Singapore’s notable biennial dance festivals, with more than 60 involving international exchanges and collaborations.

Danny’s choreography included 16 full-length works and more than 100 short works. Highly commended by international press and media, he has been praised as one of the “Movers & Shakers in Singapore Arts” by The Asian Wall Street Journal. Danny performs internationally and extensively, flying Singapore’s flag with pride. He continues to inspire audiences with his passion for dance, charting new frontiers and setting new possibilities for Singapore dance to grow and prosper.

Danny has also been profiled as a key speaker at conferences and seminars. He had also presented his papers at symposiums and conferences. In 2010, he authored and published his first book – ‘Dance Odyssey – A Decade of Brilliance’, tracing the development of ODT across ten years. This ‘state of the art’ publication documents his artistic journey and ascertains his new voice through text and images.

In 2010, Dr Danny received his Doctor in Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

LO PUI SZERehearsal Director/Dancer

Lo Pui SzeA mother of two toddlers, Lo Pui Sze has accumulated her wealth of dance experiences with leading roles in more than 20 repertoires by Dr Danny Tan since 2001. As a choreographer, Pui Sze has created works that have been performed in both local and international platforms. Pui Sze recently premiered her choreography “Living Dialogue” at UCC Theatre as part of DanzINC’s “Forte in Resonance III”.


Linnea OngAs one of ODT’s choreographers & Dance Artist in ODT Main Company, Linnea Ong has been performing in ODT’s major mainhouse seasons & festivals since 2007. Linnea has collaborated with esteemed artists & choreographers such as Wu Chun Hsien (Taiwan/Germany), Brian Lucas (Australia), On and Off Dance Company (South Korea) and MOTUS (Italy).

CALVIN GOHChoreographer/Dancer 

Calvin GohA Dance Artist with ODT Main Company, Calvin Goh has been under the tutelage of Dr Danny Tan since 2005. He was promoted from ODT young company, underwent apprenticeship at Main Company and had completed a 3-year dance internship programme with ODT. Calvin has been ODT Dance Ambassador for numerous performances in Asia and Europe.

A talented dancer, Calvin has performed in lead roles at notable ODT performances such as ‘Three’, ‘I am Sorry!’, ‘Hi Heaven!’, ‘Fervour’, ‘Om’ and ‘Clouding’ since 2011. Some of his many outstanding performances are Germany based choreographer Wu Chun-Hsien’s ‘Emptiness – The Structure of Air (Luftstruktur)’ and Dr Danny Tan’s acclaimed works ‘9th Element’ and ‘Wow! Merlion’.

Calvin started his choreographic adventures since 2014 with his work “Neutrality” & “Men in Action” in festivals such as Move Off Festival (Italy), International Dance Festival (Thailand), Cross Borer (Taipei) has recently presented his well-received solo creation ‘My Figure’ at the Europe Asia Project 2017 in Rozzi Theatre (Italy, Siena). 


KimPyongSuKim Pyoung-su graduated from the Busan National University of Education and has performed with Lee Tae Sang Dance Project, Hayarobi Dance Company and the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation. He has choreographed many works in Korea & USA. In June 2016, he performed in Danny Tan’s “Wow! Merlion” at the Busan International Dance Festival. He also performed in “I Am Sorry!” (2016) & “THREE” (2017). “Are we?” is Pyoung Su’s fourth feature with ODT.


Mr-Lee-Sun-SeeAn award-winning artist, Lee Sun Sea received 1st Prize at Korean Dance Competition (2012), Hellas International Dance Competition (2014), and the Hanyang University President Achievement Award (2013). Majoring in Contemporary Dance (2013), he is currently pursuing his Masters in Fine Arts at the Korean National University of the Arts. He performed in Xposition ‘O’ 2015, “I Am Sorry!” (2016) & “THREE” (2017). “Are we?” is Sun Sea’s fourth feature with ODT.


Matthew Mak2Matthew Mak is a Yong Siew Toh Scholar who has completed his Bachelor and Masters at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore. At the conservatory, Matthew was under the tutelage of Professor Dr Thomas Hecht, Steinway Artist and Head of Keyboard Studies at the conservatory. Matthew principal teachers include Dr Thomas Hecht, Melvyn Tan, Benjamin Loh and Lori Kaufman. Mathew has performed in numerous festivals in the world such as the Holland Music Sessions, Kirishima Music Festival and the Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy in Hungary.

Matthew is also concurrently an Artist Associate with the Odyssey Dance Theatre and is on the accompaniment faculty at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

CHEONG SZE CHANVocal/Choir Mistress 

Cheong Sze Chen is a member of the America’s National Association of Teachers of Singing. She studied her masters in Voice Pedagogy in Westminster Choir College and Advanced Choral Conducting in Eastman School of Music. With her unique training, Sze Chen is often engaged as a voice instructor, choral clinician and expert specialist in vocal methodology training for music teachers training. A passionate educator, conductor and singer, Sze Chen hopes to make a difference to others through music.


Starting out in the choral scene at the tender age of 12, Gabriel Cheow embarked on his musical training by joining the Catholic High School Choir. He soon followed up on this by being part of Victoria Junior College Choir and the NUS Choir, where he honed his choral and rehearsal techniques not just as a baritone but also as a student conductor under the conductorship of Mr. Nelson Kwei. Throughout his choral journey, Gabriel has conducted numerous choirs, arranged choral music, and taken part in overseas competitions, notably the Choir Olympics 2004 in Bremen and Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2012 in Wales, to name a few. As a soloist, Gabriel was under the tutelage of Mr. Thomas Kuek in 2009, where he attained a distinction for his ATCL Recital. 


ANDY LO, Producer (Hong Kong)

ANDY LO HONGKONGAn independent producer, curator & founder of aLo producTion, Andy Lo has been working as an art administrator / manager for 10 years. He has worked with a few renowned artists in Hong Kong, including Ho Ying-fung, Mui Cheuk-yin, Daniel Yeung, Tang Shu-wing and Xing Liang. He was programme manager and company manager of Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio and Y-Space accordingly. Recently, he worked with different emerging artists to explore different possibilities, like a Possible Path to Isonomia by Mayson Tong, a cross-media project focusing on the social movement in HK by using dance, video, photography & soundscape.

ILONA KENOVA, Choreographer (Finland)

IlonaIlona Kenova is a Czech Choreographer-Practitioner-Performer living in Helsinki, Finland. She holds a MA degree in Dance, and has also studied at the Music Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She started her career as a dancer in Dance Theater Bralen in Bratislava, before transferring her artistic direction into choreographing and practice. She teaches regularly contemporary and contact improvisation in Finland and as a requested practitioner at international dance festivals all around the world, such in Germany, Israel, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain.


Marjukka_SavolainenMarjukka Savolainen is a contemporary dancer based in Helsinki in Finland; she holds a BA (hons) degree in Dance at the University of Sunderland in England, and has also studied at The Theatre Academy of Finland. After graduation in 2013, she has worked in various of performance projects in the field of contemporary dance, physical theatre, community and perfomance art. She has worked with choreographers and companies (in Finland and Europe), including llona Kenova (CZ), Sari Palmgren (FI), Mia Habib (NO), João Galante (RSA), Valtteri Raekallio (FI), Dora Frankel & Fertile Ground (UK), Kasper Ravnhoj & Mute Comp Physical Theatre to name but a few.

WON KIM, Dancer & Choreographer (South Korea)

Won Kim studied dance at Ewha Womans Univeristy in Korea, and has been an exchange professor at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (U.S.A.), the University of Paris VIII (France), and Kinki University (Japan). She also lectured at Dancebox (Kobe, Japan), Kyoto Arts Center (Kyoto, Japan), Jin Xing Dance Theater (Shanghai, China), Studio Harmonic (Paris, France) and performed at various national and international dance festivals. Currently, she is a Board Member of Contemporary Dance Association of Korea and the Modern Dance Promotion of Korea. 

PAK JUNHYEONG, Dancer (South Korea)

박준형 Junhyeong PAK Junhyeong Pak is an independent Dancer and Choreographer, born and raised in South Korea. He hold a BA from Chonbuk National University of South Korea. After graduation, he worked with CDP, Won Kim Collaboration & Changmu Dance Company. Junhyeong Pak was named ‘Best 4 Artist’ in 2016 by Dream & Vision Dance Festival – sponsored by Dance Magazine ’Momm’. He has also been invited to perform his solo dance at Changmu Performing Art Festival 2016 and now dances and choreographs professionally.

CHO TAK PO HUGH, Dancer & Choreographer (Hong Kong)

Cho Tak Po Hugh graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2009, majoring contemporary dance. During his study, he was awarded Lady Stewart Scholarship, Carl Wolz Scholarship and HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund Limited Scholarship. In 2006, he received the scholarship from the HSBC to attend the 3rd Guangdong Modern Dance Festival in Guangzhou, China. Cho’s choreography includes Beautiful People, On The Flip-side, Nowhere, In Pursuit of… for New Dance Platform 2009, and Try Out for the Build.Motivation. Hugh is now working as a freelance dancer and choreographing his own dance.

 YAU KA HEI, Dancer & Choreographer (Hong Kong)

 YAU KA HEIBorn in Hong Kong, Yau Ka Hei graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the program of Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) Degree, majoring in contemporary dance. During her study, she was awarded the Mainland Exchange scholarship from HSBC to Inner Mongolia for cultural exchange. She represented the HKAPA to perform in Beijing normal university-International Creative Dance Seminar and Hong Kong Dance Company 2011 Macau tour. She was a dancer of Y-space dance company and now she is a freelance artist. She is active in different creative media and passionate in improvisation. Recent performance: ON & ON & TURNTURNTURN 20 years with Y-space dance company in 2015; Diffusion of the silence in 2015 and Heaven behind the door in 2014 of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series in Hong Kong Arts Festival; The Common Cold in 2014 and 1894 Hong Kong Plague in 2015 with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; Nature performed in Taiwan with Theatre Ronin in 2016; Christmas around the world in 2013 with Hong Kong Philharmonic. In 2016, She studied in Vertigo Dance Company and different courses in Israel. 

WONG PIK KEI REBECCA, Dancer & Choreographer (Hong Kong)

Rebecca Wong Pik-kei is a graduate from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. She is enthusiastic about choreography and presented numerous works during her time in HKAPA. Wong’s work develops from her personal experiences. The expression of emotions and behaviours differ greatly for women when they are in a private or public setting. In her choreography, varied aspects of a woman – the complex maze of body, emotions and desires – are presented and transformed fluently into dance moves and rhythm. For Wong, whenever she faces difficulties, negative emotions and choices, dance is a process of self-exploration. Probing into women’s common concerns, her work evokes resonance among women in modern cities.

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